For those of you, who are utterly impatient an online demo version is available at the following address:
myNetPCB online demo. Connection could be slow due to the free servers, i am utilizing.


Download the latest version of myNetPCB from the acorn kernel toolbox folder.


Unzip the to a folder.There you will find the following artifacts:

  • myNetPCB.jar - the application itself.
  • /Library - a file folder with demo elements/modules.
  • /Circuits a file folder with demo circuit projects.

There are 2 basic ways to run java program.

  • Double click on myNetPCB.jar file.
  • Open up command console in the folder where myNetPCB.jar is and type in "java -jar myNetPCB.jar"

Once the program is running, make sure the file path to circuits and library is properly set in menu
"Project->Preferences->Repository" option.


myNetPCB is intended to be the ultimate circuits design system for everyone dealing with electrical engineering. It should be designed the way electrical engineers want it to be so if you find out that there is a feature lacking, please don't hesitate to contact me.