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new MegaAcorn 2.1

By Sergi on Tue Nov 29 11:47:18 UTC 2011

Finally the promised version is out.
New InterruptDispatcher and shorter scheduling algorithm.
Lock and cyclic barrier is also added.

Missing stuff

By Sergi on Thu Jun 23 06:51:37 UTC 2011

I am working hard on the new megaAcorn version of the kernel. I will try to make it smaller and improve the Interrupt Dispatching processing.
I know what i want but the problem is how to make it happen.
Time and money constraints are inevitable factors too...

current version

By Anonymous on Wed Jun 22 21:57:56 UTC 2011

when will you add the code for the semaphore? also you talked about "ACORN verifer, xmegaACORN, ACORN studio"

New version

By Sergei on Fri Jun 03 09:20:27 UTC 2011

Yes, you are right.I am preparing version 2.1 but there will be no difference in the kernel itself.
There will be Cyclic Barrier, Lock and Count Down Latch synchronization primitives.

current version

By Anonymous on Thu Jun 02 23:00:23 UTC 2011

no problems, but under kernel unleashed you talk about new features and i was wondering when you will include them in the next kernel

Current version

By Sergei on Sat May 28 13:47:03 UTC 2011

Do you have a problem with the current version?
If so - let me know.


By Anonymous on Mon May 23 23:54:03 UTC 2011

when will a new version be released for download


By Sergei on Mon Apr 04 07:50:30 UTC 2011

You are right!
It is fixed now!
Thank you

PV application page

By Matt on Sun Apr 03 12:56:29 UTC 2011

On the Photovoltaic battery charger application page. do you have the ARef and AGnd the wrong way around?>


By Sergei on Sat Feb 19 06:19:27 UTC 2011

It will be considered at some point but there are more exciting thinks on road map like:
1.ACORN verifier
3.ACORN Studio



By Robert on Wed Feb 16 09:53:09 UTC 2011

assembler makes short and fast code. But due to avr-gcc-Compiler there is a good possibility to write sw in c.
Therefore i'would like to have a c-interface to the API.

BARRIER synchr primitive

By Sergei on Mon Aug 23 09:55:07 UTC 2010

I am testing a Barrier synchronization primitive.
I will add it in the next release.
PS. It is implemented

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